This is a Viking style adventure set forth in an imaginary world of my own creation.

The Icelanders settled an area they now call Vokholm at the beginning of the Age of Awakening in the 6th century. The land they settled was a dichotomy of the perilously brutish to unparalleled majesty. The terrain remains largely unexplored by humanity and under the control of giants and other terrors of the north. This merged with the rugged topography, active volcanos, glaciers, soaring mountain ranges, dense forested wilderness, icy rivers, deep mirrored lakes, and hanging isles of Visingard makes this land a true wonder. There is much to be said for those that live and adapt to the north. The forebears of the Icelanders had many enemies that competed for resources. A chain of events that resulted gave way to this robust civilization started millennia ago.

Sidhott was the first Vokholm city that had reigned over the country of Durumbar since its formative years. Durumbar’s people with their expertise in metallurgy, mining, fishing, and farming, were able to develop healthy, stable communities on lands with limited resources.

Durumbar’s current King or Konungr, Hreidmar Steadfast, has toiled with the sovereignty of his realm. Much of the North Sea often is cut off by opposing Vokholm forces. Durumbar is a country struggling to assert its affluence as Steadfast is determined that the Vokholms should not have conflicts with each other. He visions central rule based on Vokholm traditions can be centered with him in Sidhott. Through his confidant, Aesa the Volva, he has been prophesized that his countries time has come. His attention is drawn to employ resources to lay the foundation of a single Vokholm ruler. He seeks to strengthen the realm by expanding strategic settlements, increase resources, and build forces to remedy the status quo.

Since the war spawned by the Netherden cult and the accompanying plague, the populace of Grimnir, Vahmhalt, Skryvak and Durumbar were nearly depleted. Now seeing opportunity Steadfast is turning his attention to the sparsely populated areas of his country known as Norrland. This area of northern Durumbar, between the mountains and the fertile coastal areas is a plentiful variety of resources that make it a desirable area for exploitation and settlement. Rich in furs, timber, iron, and mithral, the land yields the much needed riches he can utilize.

In particular Steadfast is looking to capitalize on an area once held by the evil cult of the Netherdens that no one has dared yet resettle. After the Netherdens assassinated his father Jormunrek, they for a time, made profit from Norrland. The frigid glacier waters of the Ashir River mark the mithral mining area of the Netherdens.

Steadfast decrees to the free people of Durumbar an offering. He now sends forth an expedition to settle at the mouth of a river known as the Ashir. The settlers, though independent, will pay tribute to Konungr Hreidmar Steadfast. They in turn will be provided with four ships and supplies enough to establish the community. It should be located in an area of the country to near the fabled floating isles of Visingard. The following is communicated to the Player Characters (PCs) prior to their arrival at the trading town of Aringard.

“I, Hreidmar Steadfast, Konungr of the lands of Durumbar, present to you my kin, the opportunity to furrow a path and make it legend!
I decree to the free people of Durumbar, that the skilled people of the land should establish township in Norrland. The outpost should be located in an area of the country to near the fabled floating isles of Visingard, at the mouth of the swift flowing river Ashir. In turn, those willing are to be provided with ships and supplies enough to establish the community afore winter is upon us. Although there may be hardships at first, Aesa the Volva, “The Seer”, has foreseen that you will bring prosperity to our people as she has also graciously agreed to the journey.”

This is how the adventure begins, should you accept its challenge.

The Lands of Vokholm

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